Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kimya Dawson & Pablo Das @ The Smell in downtown LA

We ate at Philippe's, had dipped pork and dipped beef sandwiches with a hot wasabi mustard sauce, custard, and soda. An excellent way to began the evening.
We met Kimya in the parking garage, yes really. She recognized my friend (AKA Ann) , as she has been to several shows, and her daughter ( will call her little Sue). Kimya let us borrow ear muffs for little Sue.
We walked up to the door of The Smell, yes it does actually "smell", with Kimya and the show was SOLD OUT! Kimya then advised the door guy that us 3 were with her and we were in!
That is the coolest thing ever! Little Sue would have been so upset, she loves Kimya!

We played games, had our faces painted, bought stuff, and hung out. We were a bunch of slackers listening to the other bands play.

Finally it was time for Kimya to play! We pushed our way to the front of a small hot piece of hell! Oh hell yes it SMELLED!
People were literally soaked in sweat. Looking as if the last band hosed them down.
Kimya was great and even dedicated a few songs to little Sue. Yes, Kimya is fucking cool!
Her music is fun energetic, thought provoking, spirt inducing.... and the list goes on.

Pablo Das was also there. Kimya and Pablo sang together and she had him play a few solo.
Pablo Das is FUCKING amazing!!! No there is not a better adjective to describe Pablo!
He played songs such as Live a Life you Love and California. Pablo Das's lyrics are intelligent, honest, touching,and humor filled.
Be on the look out for future shows with Kimya the Cool and Pablo the Passionate!
Oh and the food cart by the parking garage was fabulous! Yes, we had bacon wrapped hot dog w/ onions, mayo, mustard, and ketchup! YUMMY