Saturday, September 24, 2011

Laurell K. Hamilton, I don't know her but I love her!

When first seeing the Anita Blake series I didn't want to read it! I was resistant and actually read 2 other series's before it.
My reaction to finally purchasing Guilty Pleasures was "I guess I'll read it." I know now how F-ing ridiculous I was being!
Oh lets see It me about 2 days to read the first book. Yes, I FUCKING loved Anita Blake and Jean Claude's regard for each other! I Fucking loved the way Anita meets Richard. So I ran out and bought The Laughing Corpse... and so my love for The Vampire Executioner and her universe began. I am waiting for the next book release, with bated breath like a junky waiting for her next fix. I will have to re-read this series soon very soon!

When I ran out of Anita books to read I was craving, itching, and scratching for more Laurell K. Hamilton! I turned to the Merry Gentry Series. This is not a vampire series... I know! I suddenly found myself experimenting with faeries.
 I did not start this series with the first book A Kiss of Shadows. I stared with A Caress of Twilight, yet this did not matter. I found that I wanted to go back so I could read from the beginning. Yes, I was shocked by this! It wasn't just a want, this going back to the beginning,it was a need. A need to find out how it started.
It is wonderful that Laurell doesn't give so much of her previous books away in the current book. I feel some authors miss the point when giving to much away. The Reader now misses the experience of being submerged in, and becoming part of the story.

Laurell's writing is fun, funny, funky, and sometimes sexually out there! But DAMN it makes for great reading!

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  1. I absolutely love LKH as well! Her writing sure is amazing and there's definitely something special with her novels. I am craving for more Anita as well and wouldn't hesitate re-reading it if it wasn't for my super huge to-read pile. I will one day though! I've only re-read book one so far. I just can't get enough of Anita! Great post. :)


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