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Die, My Love by Penelope Fletcher

Die, My LoveDie, My Love by Penelope Fletcher
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If you had to become a monster to be with the man you loved, would you? Or is that a question you cannot answer? You see, for me the problem was never should I be reborn, but when. That and I knew the moment I saw Ben I would die. Let's be honest, rumors blood drinkers are real have had the world in a grip of terror for years, and I'd always known I was waiting for him. Despite a somewhat excruciating rebirth, and a … well, let’s call it a “disagreement” with the Lycanthropes, I am embracing my new world. I am excited even. But there are ... things about my kind I do not yet know. This frightens me. Whispers of what these creatures really are is one thing, but the reality of what I have chosen to become? That is something else entirely.

Beautiful Damned Novella coming July 2011.
Contains explicit language and sex.

Let's just start off by saying that Penelope Fletcher is an amazing author! She is an absolute genius with the written word.
This was a wonderfully written novella. I love that Lee is stocking her love interest, Ben, in the beginning.

Quote: Lee, you should probably say something so you don't look completely insane. Yes, you have practically stalked the man these past two nights. No? You're saying that was not insanity but merely curiosity? Whatever.

It's beautiful that Lee is perfect the way she is. She's not the super skinny, blue eyed, blond that appears in so many stories. (not that there is anything wrong with that)Lee has her insecurities, as do we all. Penelope does not over do this fact, Lee is mildly insecure, she touches on it a few times and that's it.

Quote: I eye her. "Seriously? My god Beth, you were That Girl in high school who Believed spunk was, "Good for eyes and skin," weren't you?" "That hasn't exactly been unproven now has it?" She Bristles, and I know like the sky is blue that she really was That Girl, and I find that cute as hell.

Lee's best friend, and sometimes lover, Beth is a well written character with many quirks. Beth gets feelings about things that will happen. This "gift" though causes issues for her.

Ben, is a vampire,it's great that he is not over the top or over done. I may be in love with him. **sigh**

Penelope really draws you in with this one, as with her other books. She has created a believable universe for a mythical creature and creatures that I am obsessed with.

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