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Thirst By: Claire Farrell~

ThirstThirst by Claire Farrell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Part vampire, the only thing greater than Ava Delaney's thirst for human blood is her capacity for guilt. When she accidentally turns a human into her minion, she does her best to set him free - but her attempts land her in the middle of a potential vampire civil war. With the help of some new friends with ambiguous loyalties, Ava tries to save her human . . . and herself.

My Review
This was a good vamp book. Just the kind of snarky sarcastic humor I love. The characters are really great and I was able to pull an image of what I think they look like.
However I didn't really feel there was a lot of detail. With that said... not having to much detail can be an OK thing. I could focus more on the humor, romance, and the "mystery" that is Ava's life!

Ava is a Hot redheaded, half vamp half human. She does not drink blood, so is constantly thirsty. She deals with this thirst by counting, and multiplying things. Mostly human heart beats...can you say OCD?
Ava's mother dies and she is raised by her grandmother. She was treated poorly by her grandmother. How badly you say?...very badly! She is a terrible person kind of bad!
Ava saves Carl, her accidental minion that doesn't always listen. She didn't mean to enthrall him!Ava is constantly trying not to drink Carl's blood! Yeah, he doesn't make it easy.
Peter comes into this because Ava doesn't know how to release Carl. Oh, did I mention, Peter hates vamps. Yet, you can see that maybe he starts to crush on Ava.Yes she has a super crush on him too. Lets, just say he is conflicted.
Ava has no idea what happened to her father, or why her mother new to hide her from the vamps to begin with. Really this is the over all big mystery, oh and by the way its killing me not to close the door on this aspect of Ava's life.
Quote~He gave his bottom lip an absent-minded lick with the tip of his tongue. I let loose a little sigh. "what?" he asked, his lips curving upward into a huge grin.~ Ava and Peter Thirst By: Claire Farrell

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