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Bloggerhood of the Traveling Book The Key by Felicia Rogers

My favorite Blog Paranormalwastelands is hosting this amazing book tour! If you are interested in reading The Key please click the link below! Darkfallen & Greta  will give you the 411. F.Y.I. You do NOT have to be a blogger!

**The Key is only available in Australia**

A teenage girl suffering from a family tragedy, Maddie Clevenger is oblivious to the ancient mystery surrounding her. She's young and incredibly unlucky, in life and in love. She should be enjoying her senior year of high school, but instead she is tormented by a reoccurring nightmare and a very real stalker. But all that changes when Chase Donovan, an Air Force brat with a protective streak, shows up at school. Will Chase be the key to helping her solve her stalker problem? Will he be the key to solving the mystery surrounding her family's past?

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So... this is a good book. A bit tame in the s.e.x department, but hey, this is Y.A. we are talking about! The  love triangle is good. Felicia, made sure to have both the light and the dark romantic interests. Though at first the 'dark" love interest, Dougal, is very creepy! I would have for sure reported it to someone! Ms. Rogers  leaves me wanting more of Dougal's back history. The guy has been around for a hundred years. 
Chase, the "light" love interest, is so chivalrous and respectful it is amazing! Yes, he is wonderful when meeting Maddie's Great Grandma! How many men out there can say they treat women this well?!
Maddies's a great character kind and loving, almost to a fault.She is a bit timid, yet you realize she is young and some of the womanly strength you might expect, will only come through experience. Grandma Draoi provides Maddie her motherly strength.
Felicia Rogers just touched on many of the characters history. Again, personally I like to find out a little more back story in regards to a few characters.
Though love grows between Chase and Maddie pretty quickly, it is not forced by the author and feels legit. Which is a wonderful. The Key is a fun read that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over! 

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  1. Thanks so much for reading my book and writing a review. I would like to make it known that the book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Solstice Publishing, and many other places on-line...not just in Australia. :) In fact it is on sale for .99 as an Amazon ebook.


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